I died on Sept. 8th, 2058. I was really old at that time. It was an evening of a silent rainy day. All my kins have already passed away, except P., my daughter.
There were only a nurse and I in the room. She just gave me head and I felt fine. Her thighs were firm, her bouncing tits were driving me crazy, her luscious looks made me shiver and her lips around my stiff rod…that was the last glance before I closed my eyes for ever. It was a virtual world.
Anti-ageing magic tonic was not yet discovered. I wouldnt have drunk it anyway.
Before I got too old to live I left all my belongings to P. I was creative: I didnt paint, I didnt manufacture and I didnt sow. I left it to those who knew better. I was collecting, instead: paintings, wrist-watches and cacti.
I was into Information Technology untill I retired. A leader. A manager. I liked technology and geeks and stuff. I had that robot named Miles. It helped me walk my cat. It was fun.
I have been coping with depression for quite a while.
I earned and invested and survived a stock exchage break down.
I travelled the world.
I lived happily after I had cleared with may past and my baby girl was born. I liked her mother a lot…almost worshiped her ;) . I met her here:

I passed my Masters degree and have been studying during my unemployment period.
I liked riding my motorbike. Life on two wheels was exciting.
I never saw my son again. He hated me.
Then, there was a She who loved me so much that she detested me. We quit.
Inbetween I enjoyed hedonism.
I broke up with my son’s mother, too. Her hatred I had to bear afterwards, was not worth a human being. She influenced my son, too.
I bought a big nice flat for our family. It’s her’s, now.
I had a good job in finance industry.
I met the mother of my son.
Chausescu was murdered. At that time I started my first job.
I passed my Bachelor’s degree.
I only loved 2 girls so far.
Times I passed in high school and college were unforgetable.
I had constant contacts with my father. He helped me a lot in my life.
I passed primary school with flying colours.
My mother moved away from my father with me, for Him. He was drinking, until…
I loved my grandma and her garden. I was her first grandson.
From here back, I dont remember much.
But I know I was born on the first winter day back in 1963.